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Frequently Asked 


How can I pay?

  • Cash, check, or charge.

Do you accept insurance?

  • No, we offer what insurance does not, private care, on-site service, complete care with out-of the box thinking.

What if I have to use insurance?

  • We can recommend alternate services in the area depending on your needs. When you have exhausted your insurance, we can provide the care you still need.

Where is your office?

  • Mobile means we come to you. We can provide our services virtually anywhere you need function: your home, office, favorite store, golf course.

You mean, you come to me?

  • Yes!

Are there others providing this type of service?

  • To our knowledge, our services are unique.

Can you help me with my pain?

  • Undoubtetly.

Can you help my family member after discharge from the hospital?

  • Yes, every step of the way.

What about Medicare?

  • You can utilize my Wellness services or PT for maintenance or care that a clinic therapist has determined is no longer requiring skilled care.